The exiled daughter of a minor noble, Kyrianna finds herself being seduced by the Goddess Thynitic
– The Lady of Chaos – to serve as a Daughter of Chaos.

Even as she struggles to fight Thynitic’s call, she and her friends must also face the goddess to prevent Chaos from being unleashed across the

The harder she struggles against the Chaos calling her, the more she finds herself drawn into its power until she must finally accept her destiny and
serve the goddess to prevent the destruction of those she cherishes most.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The Chaos Reigns Saga originally came about because I was able to get back into playing DnD. I asked the group I joined if they had objections to
me using our adventures as the basis for some possible stories when I first joined and they all agreed there were no problems with me using the

Our first adventure together was a mishmash of things and it took me a while to wrangle it into shape and then find a way to weave into the whole
series. Our next few adventures were done so they actually tied together and became the spark that would become the Chaos Reigns Saga.

Dan Horn the DM for the second adventure created a wonderful world in Shokar that he has let me play with and I want to thank him for doing so.
The Chaos Reigns Saga includes adventures on Shokar (Dan's world) and Rhysia (mine) and characters created by the other players as well as Dan
and myself.

The stories that have been created from the original adventure story lines have grown beyond a typical dungeon crawl into a saga of love and hate,
good and evil, order and chaos, vengeance, retribution and forgiveness and how all of these are bound together and cannot ever be separated one
from the other without destroying each other and everything around them.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to these realms.

Maps of Shokar and Rhysia

Tentative titles and release dates

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Book One: Call of Chaos -- Now Available!

Book Two: Chaos Embraced -- Now Available!

Book Three: The Road Into Chaos -- Now Available!

Book Four: Chaos Challenged -- Now Available!

Book Five: Chaos Bound -- Promo page and excerpt coming soon

Book Six: The Artifact of Order and Chaos -- Promo page and excerpt coming soon

List of Short Stories that tie-in with the Chaos Reigns Saga:

Chaos Unleashed - [A story of the Chaos War]

The Broken Blade - [A background story]
This story was a Quarter-Finalist in the Writers of The Future Contest

The Sword of Chaos (Planning Stages) [A background story]

Order in Chaos - [Brular's story]

Descent Into Chaos - [Torlianna's story]

Daughter of Chaos - [Arielle's story]

Born From Chaos - [Myrith's story]

Stolen From Chaos - [Hendandra's story]

Thief of Chaos (Planning Stages) [Laraf's story]

Shadows of Chaos (Planning Stages) [Kyrianna's Story]

To Face the Chaos (Planning Stages) [Jerietlan's story]

Hammer of Chaos (Planning Stages) [Nirev's story]

Heart of the Dragon - [Andrinor's story]

To Balance Chaos (Planning Stages) [Vyroris's Story]