Torliana stood with the other new acolytes; Kindling was the proper title, as the ranking members of the temple waited for the
arrival of the new High Priest of Mount Veri. She chided herself again, he was the Keeper of the Flame, she had been here two
days, she should at least be thinking with the proper titles. She forced herself to focus on the events she was to be a part of,
despite wanting to enjoy the antics of a small purple fairy dragon that was flitting near the right wall. Dragons were rare in Shokar
and considered a bad omen when they appeared. She, however, thought the creature was beautiful and worthy of admiration.
Besides, she didn't believe in omens--good or bad. Fate was what you made of it; not something preordained.

She had felt uneasy since coming to the temple of Hellavar, but she was determined to succeed. She knew the task she had set
herself would be difficult, particularly as an elf, whose very nature rebelled against strict order. Yet, here she was seeking that

She watched as a man came riding into the courtyard, his horse held to a slow walk. His armor while emblazoned with the fires of
Hellavar seemed loose as he slowly slid from the saddle. One of the Kindling dashed forward, bowed and took the reins of the
horse and led the mount to the sables.
So, this is the one everyone has whispered about since I got here. Torliana studied him
beneath veiled lash.
How can this man be the one they call the Great Bringer of Law, Hellavar's Blazing Judge? She suppressed a
smile when the man seemed to stumble a bit as he took a couple of steps.
Saddle sore and yet he travels the length and breath of
Shokar, a respected judge even by Tormasus' High General and Dh'Mark's King. This cannot be the one who will be taking over
leadership of the temple.

She fought the frown she knew was on her face as Rynalia, Mistress of the Brotherhood of the Flame, the order of monks Torliana
had been accepted into, stepped forward, bowed her head to the priest, and then offered to escort him into the temple. The priest
nodded to the Mistress of the Flame, then let his gaze wander over those assembled in the courtyard. His eyes widened as they met
Torliana's and she bowed her head slightly. She had enough discipline to recognize that despite her opinion of him, his position was
still that of Keeper and she would respect the position.