Photos from various signings and events
Midnight Song - Release - 10/02/2001
Barnes & Noble - Colorado Springs, CO
My first Book Signing turned into an exercise in patience as it was
originally scheduled to be held on September 11, 2001. However, due
to the fact, Barnes & Noble had not received the books and the tragic
events of that day, it was rescheduled for 18 September. Unfortunately,
the books still did not arrive in time for this date either. The signing was
again rescheduled - this time for October 2.

When I arrived at the Barnes & Noble, I found out the Community
Relations Manager had been out sick for the past several days and no
one had thought to set up for the signing. I will say they did a decent job
of setting up quickly.

I only had six people pick up copies of the anthology, but it was an
interesting experience. Nice thing is I spend enough time in the Barnes &
Noble to also give directions to most of the book sections as well as the

Here are a few pictures my husband was able to take. Bless his heart he
stayed the entire time even though I could tell he was bored and still had
things to get ready before he had to report for active duty two days later.
Conestoga 10 - 07/27-30/2006
Radisson Tulsa - Tulsa, OK
Shared the autograph table with James Hogan. A very nice
British gentleman. I think he felt sorry for me though as
everyone was more interested in talking to him. Before we
had to clear the table for the next group - he brought a
copy of Stories of Strength from me.
Mile Hi Con 38 Oct 27-29, 2006
Hyatt Tech Center - Denver, CO
This was fun panel on publishing e-zines.
I was able to promote both The Lorelei
Signal and Sorcerous Signals as well as
meet Tyree Campbell - the senior editor
for Sam's Dot Publishing.

The photo was taken by J. Allen Erwine
Will Try to remember to start adding
more photos from upcoming events.