The Gift of All

Okay, I'm tired of it. The Patriarchal religions and governments have for too long made me out to be the cause of
all Man's woes and I'm sick of it. Now before you think, I'm just another feminist standing on her soapbox, I
should tell you who I am. My name is Pandora. Sound familiar? I have also been called Eve and a host of other
names. In essence, I was the first woman created by God, Goddess, or the Gods depending on your religious
beliefs. However, no matter what your specific beliefs, if you were raised in one of the Patriarchal religions, then
you've heard the story about how Woman caused the fall of man.

Of course, I haven't always been as bitter as I am now. This is something that has built over the centuries as the
stories have propagated and been adapted by other cultures to fit their own world view and religious bias. Despite
my personal feelings, I will try to tell my story without sarcasm and bitterness, but I make no guarantees that I
will succeed.

Let's start with the Greeks, since I'm in my guise as Pandora. Depending on how this goes, I might tell you my
feelings on that blasted snake and the apple as well. However, as I said we will start with the Greeks and that
means telling my version of the story about that trice-damned box and how it is my fault Man has been plagued
with sorrow since I was created. Yeah. Right. Sorry, sarcasm again. Let me take a breath and calm myself then
I'll begin.