The GodStones


As of 12 June 2020

The first draft is approximately 1/3 completed. I've been giving most of my attention to Masquerades of Honor
and have been neglecting this one. I hope to return to it after the first of the new year.

Look for periodic progress reports.

Taken from the Litany  of the Temple:

In the Dawn of Time,
There was The One
Spoken by the High Priest)

The One -
Who is All that Was, All that Is and All that Will be.
Spoken by the High Priestess)

The One became the Two -
Gwewien and Gwelidan
High Priestess)
Gwewien and Gwelidan -
The Two who are Mother and Father of ALL that Is and All that Will be.
High Priest)

From Gwewien and Gwelidan came the other Twelve --
Broreri, Freinnor, Afelassi, Kederinnor, Theliria, Draykon, Grardotih, Draesh, Giliv, Areano, Aloiwyth and
Lotharelia --
Twelve, who with the Mother and Father are All that IS.
That Which was Complete
Then Torn Asunder
Must be Rejoined
The Many Made Two

Twelve Stones of Power
All Parts of a Soul
Two Shall Join Together
The Many Made Whole
Salamacia, is a world whose culture is divided by gender. Two cities, dedicated to Gwewien the Mother and the
Gwelidan the Father. A world whose gods are fading from existence as the result of an ancient spell cast by the
Sorceress/High Priestess Chalania centuries ago.

The Gods chose Dwynia and Cerigan to find the twelve Godstones and fulfill the words of the ancient prophecy.

Together they must search the world for the twelve stones and return them to the Hidden Temple. To accomplish
their goal they will have to put aside the generations of distrust and prejudice each feels for the other. But, will
they be willing to pay the price demanded? Sacrificing their culture and way of life to save the Gods of Salamacia.

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