NAME: Selaynia

SPECIES: Canthralian (Humanoid)

RANK: Omega Agent – rank unknown

PLACE OF BIRTH: Grey Shadows Clan, Canthrales


A tall, slender woman with gray eyes and long silver hair. Usually described as willowy by those who first meet her. Despite her fragile and
extravagant appearance there is a cold hardness in her soul that others see reflected in the steel gray of her eyes. She prefers to dress in a tight black
jumpsuit with silver ornamentation; two daggers show at the top of her knee-high black boots. She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat techniques
and prefers to use edged weapons to directed energy weapons, though she does carry a small, personal phaser (Omega issue that can’t be picked up
on sensors). Despite her remarkable appearance she is highly capable and has a way of blending into the background when she desires.

Selaynia was originally created as member of Section 31 for Deep Space Nine story I wrote for the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Contest several
years ago. That was eventually re-written into an original universe and now several more stories have been written about her and her wolf partner -
with several more being planned.

Branded a traitor during the war, Selaynia returns to the home she thought closed to her; only to learn the
truth of the old saying - "You can never go home again."

A former covert operative finds herself dealing with an extra-planetary intelligence when she kidnapped by
her former employers.

A black ops agent is using Athena Station 12 as a way to defect - but is everything as simple as it appears?

As part of a group meeting to help end the attacks by various rebel groups, Selaynia and her partners are
caught in the cross-fire when fighting breaks out. Emotionally and mentally damaged when her wolf
companion is killed, Selaynia's human partner takes her home once more -- this time to hear the
Song's End.
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