Third Time's
the Charm

“Well that was the last one.” Brian put his computer tablet on the ledge and looked down at the body of the large
“Saved from near extinction for a few centuries, the California Condor has finally followed in the steps of one of
its distant ancestors.”
Brian turned to see his partner, Walter standing next to him. “You’ve confirmed the genetic timeline?”
“Yep. The California Condor evolved from dinosaurs. One of the largest birds—unfortunately, we can’t prove
which dinosaur line evolved into which avian line. Although, I like to think of them as evolving from T-Rex.
Seems fitting.”
Brian shook his head. “T-Rex; some say he was the greatest predator that ever lived, not counting man. Selected
for extinction as a dinosaur—managed to evolve into a bird which was again selected for extinction, then saved
by intervention…”
“The Condor wasn’t selected for extinction—it was man’s interference that almost caused that one,” Walter said
interrupting Brian.
“Man is a part of nature—no matter what others say. Still, the Condor was on the brink of extinction and was
saved. Now, it has finally lost the battle.”
Walter nodded and looked down at the body of the dead condor. “Well as they say—third time’s the charm.”